Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) require multiple elements and raw materials to be assembled. The procedure brings along a complex supply chain management to fit with the whole manufacturing process. PCBs are considered to be the heart and the most elaborate component within a given product; hence, when compared to other commodities the process poses challenges to supply chain management. In this article, we will delve into the PCB supply chain and the scope of a strong procurement and supply chain behind the operation.

PCBs and PCBAs are the results of a meticulous supply chain process integrating various materials and other components that are finally placed on boards. Every action from scale drawing to the final product is a result of the implementation of different resources at different stages.

PCBs are composed of a wide range of different electronic components, integrated circuits (IC) inclusive of semiconductors. In order to obtain their functionality and capabilities within the product, they have to be supported by professional technicians and ensure that all the required electronic components are either in stock or delivered on time for PCB assemblies.

When compared to other industries the supply chain management pertaining to the electronic sector is challenging. The complexity of the various systems in which the industry operates is one of the major causes.

To this end procurement is critical, sourcing the right products by way of placing the correct criteria and evaluating suppliers is crucial to find a balance between costs and reliability. The selection process of qualified suppliers and performing technical analysis of samples is an important step before securing bigger orders.

Integral supply chain management incorporates the importance of quality control, inspection, and overall monitoring of the process. Best practices are to be integrated in the system such as the ‘six sigma principles’ with a particular focus on the supplier’s inspection, quality systems, and testing processes.

Once the supplier has been audited, an acceptance process will take place, together with other considerations, and ultimately communicated to the supplier. This will guide to launch the design qualification, quantity acceptance, and the overall inspection required for both the components and the PCBs – PCBAs

Both PCBs and PCAs are specifically designed for a given product, hence, cannot be found ready on the market. In actual fact, once a board is malfunctioning in most cases it cannot be repaired and has to be replaced entirely. A common challenging situation arises when major electronic components on the board become absolute or hard to find. On many occasions, these scarce components are vital for the overall functionality of the end product. This is where companies such as BD Electronics Ltd   an independent distributor of electronic components can assist.  The organization was established in 2015 and operates from Malta. BDE Ltd has accumulated experience over the years by engaging their activity within the electronic component segment internationally and are able to locate and identify rare components globally.

BDE Ltd gives utmost attention to their supply chain management and ensures to entrust their shipments to reliable freight agents.  Freight and Logistics are an integral part of the electronic supply chain process. FreightZone in Malta has dedicated staff to handle time-critical shipments and manages warehousing facilities including last-mile deliveries or global distribution.  Being equipped to manage such cargo in Malta either under normal customs procedures or transshipment is critical for suppliers working within the electronic component segment.

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