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FreightZone Malta Celebrating WCAworld 25th Anniversary in Singapore

Loyalty remains always at the core of our  ‘Business Values’.  We seek to strengthen our current network as well as developing new business opportunities. Trust with our global partners is our backbone on which we aspire growth. Recently FreightZone Malta a WCA member for 18 years had a great  ‘conference week’ participating at the

Embracing Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation in freight has been a rapidly growing area in recent years, driven by a range of factors including increasing global trade, e-commerce growth, and a need for more efficient and sustainable supply chains. Some of the key innovations in freight include: Automation and digitization: The use of technology such as artificial intelligence, the

International Door-to-Door Delivery Adding Value to your Customers’ Experience (CX)

Freight Logistics focuses on overseeing cost effective operations to deliver goods internationally. It encapsulates logistics experience, human capital and expertise in the sector leveling communication both with shippers and carriers. One of the most common terms within the Logistics Industry is Door-to-Door delivery service; the movement under the Incoterms is defined as DAP (Delivery

Ryanair Strengthening Malta’s Aircraft (MRO) Activity

On June 21st Ryanair reported their €20m milestone agreement to use Malta’s facilities for the organization’s maintenance aircraft fleet, adding the list with Lufthansa Technik  and EasyJet.  Low cost Ryanair engages 2,500 engineers within the European region ensuring the safety of its passengers through the company’s subsidiaries MaltaAir, Lauda and Buzz. As opposed to

Contract Manufacturing & Global Logistics

The evolution of FreightZone’s presence in China led to applying a business model enhancing supply chain processes to our customers. Since 2012 the company engaged itself in providing contract manufacturing on behalf of our clients by means of monitoring the manufacturing process, logistics, and delivery to the customers’ premises. Different areas in the manufacturing

Printed Circuit Boards – Supply Chain Analysis

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) require multiple elements and raw materials to be assembled. The procedure brings along a complex supply chain management to fit with the whole manufacturing process. PCBs are considered to be the heart and the most elaborate component within a given product; hence, when compared to other commodities the process poses

Entertainment, Films & Theme Parks – China’s Growing Trends

China yet once again experienced progression in the entertainment sector retaining its position as the biggest film industry. This resulted in outstripping USA's box office by 7 billion USD.  The industry faced global disruption due to the pandemic, contrastingly, cinemas in China resumed since July 2020. Prior to the pandemic, China was very close

Is Shanghai really becoming Duty Free?

It’s on the verge of happening: Duty-free shops are expected to become a rage in Shanghai, mainland China's commercial capital and most populous city. The local government has recently decided to take the road towards establishing a duty-free economy,  capitalising on the fact that, following the Covid-19 experience, more and more Chinese are seeking

Facing Supply Chain Challenges

It could not be the usual good tidings for Christmas this year when it comes to gifts. Their arrival from abroad may not be timely and be more expensive. Nothing to do with Father Christmas himself; the fault lies in disruptions in the supply chain. The effects of Covid-19 on transport to and from

Top reasons why freight costs from China are rocketing

China is key to shifting world trade. What happens there affects practically all of us around the world. Moving freight to and from China is becoming increasingly expensive. In fact, freight costs from China jumped a whopping 360% from last year. Here’s why.  They Cannot Keep Up China’s economy is growing at