FreightZone (Malta) Ltd’s philosophy is to embrace the concept of innovation as much as possible in the way it handles the various projects it is entrusted with.John3

Providers of logistics and transport services offer very homogenous products therefore lacking in real alternatives for a customer. FreightZone works continuously on unique logistical alternatives to find new ways and methods how to execute things.

Logistic requirements or projects are very frequently multimodal in nature and the objective of a service provider such as FreightZone is always to link different modes of transport to obtain the most efficient and effective methods possible.

In this respect FreightZone has gained experience with jobs across every continent. Particularly in the Far East, having built over the years an accumulated expertise in the Chinese market, FreightZone acquired an in-depth understanding of the Supply Chain Industry in China. Consequently, Operations in China under European management seemed a logical step forward for FreightZone, to combine expertise, knowledge and different cultures.