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Setting up Film/Television productions demands professional planning.  Time management is pivotal and must ensure that all cargo deliveries including all kinds of props for Actors/Extras are meeting the exact timelines dictated by the Production Management.

Film locations with their selected climate coupled with meteorological conditions are factors that must be taken into account when setting-up dedicated locations for make-up purposes, dress rehearsals, onsite food services including storage of Film/TV equipment.  These provisions should be set in time.

Producing a film, be it a commercial, a TV documentary or a Netflix Series is indeed challenging in terms of identifying the adequate location and it is crucial to focus on the exact site where the film is going to be shot.  Upon confirmation of the film location, the groundwork endures and will acquire the necessary paperwork requested, above all to ensure the safety of the site for all those involved in the production at the set.

Accessibility is a crucial factor, once a location has been established and given the green light from the local authorities.  In principal, a remote, wild but a gorgeous site would be an amazing shooting location, but if accessibility is a hindrance then you need specialists such as Freightzone (Malta) Logistics to oversee and manage the critical transportation of the filming equipment.

Throughout the years International Film Producers and Television Productions have selected the Island of Malta as their preferred shooting location.  Predominantly, this was and is due to the Island’s sunny Mediterranean climate, its particular and Baroque architecture, impeccable Sea /Shores, the fully equipped Sea Tank facilities and the proximity from one location to the other which reduces costs when different scenes are requested. These elements are coupled with Tax advantages including 40% cashback to the Filmmakers.

Renowned Directors such as Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Wolgang Petersen, Guy Ritchie amongst others with world-famous actors like Russel Crow, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Sean Connery all experienced Malta as a Film shooting location. The London Times has dubbed the Island as “The Mediterranian’s mini-Hollywood” In various productions, Malta has been “doubled” with France, Italy, Turkey, Middle East, and other countries.

Freightzone (Malta) Logistics has established years of experience in the Film Industry and has since 1990 carried out a number of Film/TV related projects on the island liaising directly with film productions.  FreightZone (Malta) Logistics engages with the production team and ensures:

  • Logistics Coordination: Meticulously coordinating time and cost management for foodservice, props, movie equipment, and other provisions;
  • Cargo Delivery: liaising and follow all air/ocean/truck shipments through tracking systems and ensure safe delivery.
  • Special Documentation: Freightzone is directly linked and licensed with local customs to processes all necessary documentation electronically. In addition, we are fully equipped to handle ATA Carnet.

It is normal practise that documentation contains also related storyboard and or movie writings.  Alternative documentation may include various assessments related to health and safety measures.  Freighzone Logistics’ exclusive service includes various import and export licenses and dangerous goods certifications.  The lack of following established procedures and proper documentation may result in unwanted setbacks and risks that the movie/television productions would suffer from delays.

In case of contracted props or other rented movie material, it is advisable to process an ATA Carnet to avoid any duties at the receiving end.  Freightzone Logistics is able to undertake ATA Carnet processing which does not normally take more than one day.

A crucial point in filmmaking is ‘time management’. With numerous in/out components reaching or leaving the set there is, without doubt, a ‘cost element’.  With all the staff, crew, actors, subcontractors, all focused on their work, time would remain a ‘valuable element’ and should be managed in the best interest of the whole production.  The ‘human capital’ is one of the major costs in the ‘film industry’ however; handling of movie supplies, equipment and movie-making apparatus constitutes a considerable cost.  Freightzone Logistics provides professional packing with customised crating coupled with a swift ATA Carnet Service.

As soon as a movie calls ‘it’s a wrap!’ all the rented equipment, supplies, props and so on should be returned to their established supplier or studios.  From this point on, Freightzone Logistics starts its meticulous exercise to combine shipments separately and sent them out either via sea/air/truck or special courier.  Where ATA Certificates are involved our company ensures that all supplies are tallied and ATA Carnet are settled accordingly.