The evolution of FreightZone’s presence in China led to applying a business model enhancing supply chain processes to our customers. Since 2012 the company engaged itself in providing contract manufacturing on behalf of our clients by means of monitoring the manufacturing process, logistics, and delivery to the customers’ premises.

Different areas in the manufacturing sector look at contract manufacturing as a means to work out competitive components by third parties especially when the particular component does not form part of the organization’s core activity. Once a third party has been identified an official contract manufacturing agreement has to be signed. The objective of the agreement is to draft the specifics of the terms and conditions between the parties involved. From the company’s experience contextualizing the process within the ‘China factor’ is critical. It requires a pragmatic approach on how to balance the weight of agreements in terms of the manufacturing processes and China’s social and legal factors impacting the whole operation. Through the years, components with electronic elements, engineered products and switches, including innovative sustainable products have been under our manufacturing management in China.

Without any doubt, China’s Zero-Covid strategy has impacted the manufacturing industry and all is getting expensive. However, China’s global supply remains pivotal in several areas of the industries due to China’s raw material and manufacturing landscape.  The country’s stance towards the pandemic brought a number of challenges to our customers. Visa issuance and the long quarantine requirements made it almost impossible to physically reach new suppliers. All the while our existing China setup was leveraged to continue creating new contract manufacturing agreements in support of our clients.

With the aim of further consolidating our Global Freight Logistics, FreightZone (Malta) Logistics Ltd points to a customer-centric approach. Being a market-driven organization it focuses on niche services that are aimed at streamlining a comprehensive service from contract manufacturing agreements to production and global logistics.