Project Case – Hangang Holdings Group

What differentiates FreightZone is its unique presence in China. As a European company, FreightZone has along the years engaged itself into Advisory Projects related to the "Supply Chain Industry".  The company has an in-depth knowledge of China's Demographics as well as the various regional social aspects and trends of the Chinese consumer.  FreightZone has conducted


Providing seminars and networking sessions to Chinese Manufacturers on European Business. Particularly in the Zhejiang Province namely Ningbo, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Yong Gang and Taizhou.

Project Case – Container Ship Refitting at Malta Shipyard

On a recurring basis FreightZone is also called to coordinate the supply of ships doing drydocking and refitting at Malta. The usual requirements would start with normal supplies and leading to spare parts and documentation required to complete the operation. FreightZone would ensure to source transport and connect all the requirements from various points of

Project Case – Aircraft Engines – Europe to South America

The organisation and coordination of Aircraft Engines from Malta to Chile, starting with trucking from Malta to Milan as these engines could not be accommodated on air services calling at Malta due to size and then the consequent voyage from Milan up to final destination. FreightZone was very proud of the resulting seamless operation regardless

Project Case – Brewery and Bottling Plant extension

Coordinating the transportation and delivery up to site of Simonds Farsons Cisk’s new Bottling plant in Malta. Planning the transport and requirements from various origins in mainland Europe up to Malta and consequently involving  clearance and delivery  of containers, unloading and transportation of break bulk cargo, unloading and coordinating the road transit of out-of-gauge machinery