Freight Logistics focuses on overseeing cost effective operations to deliver goods internationally. It encapsulates logistics experience, human capital and expertise in the sector leveling communication both with shippers and carriers.

One of the most common terms within the Logistics Industry is Door-to-Door delivery service; the movement under the Incoterms is defined as DAP (Delivery at Place). In principle the procedure puts the onus on the seller to deliver the goods to the final destination.

DAP Advantages

There are a number of benefits circulating around the global door-to-door service; nevertheless there are key factors to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

One Contact Channel

An element that makes the term a preferred one is the single point of contact. Your customer requires contacting just one activity coordinator or tracking the shipment online. This would result in better time management.


In most cases the Freight Forwarder advises best practices to insure your goods for eventual loss or damage. It is highly advisable to consult your shipping company especially for high-value shipments.


When door-to-door services are part and parcel of your supply chain, it does not add costs to your customer, the procedure simply streamlines the total expense without having your customer incurring costs at different fulfillment levels.

Operational Efficiency

An advantage lies on the lower operational input to both the shipper and the consignee. Successful businesses are predominately based on efficiency performance. Door-to-Door services allow effective planning and fewer resources during the fulfillment process. Any organization availing from a DAP service would allow its resources to focus on its core business activity.

Optimizing your overall Customers’ Experience

In today’s business world every organization looks at improving its efficiency especially those related to the supply chain. Addressing your customers’ needs by improving your company’s CX is critical.  Global door to door services tackles optimization of the final stages of your product fulfillment.

FreightZone (Malta) Logistics Ltd has been providing the management of international Door-to-Door services for more than 25 years. We have professional desks dealing with both local businesses in Malta and overseas agents ensuring effective communication.   Our long-standing agent-to-agent partnering is a critical asset to our company and customers all across the world.  For any cargo management requirements and Door-to-Door shipments please contact us via email [email protected]