What is an independent freight forwarder?

An independent freight forwarder is not part of “multinationals” or “global freight forwarders.” They have their own offices, which they do not typically own worldwide, but do business with agents and partners around the world, depending on their clients’ needs.

Many businesses face the challenge of deciding whether to do business with large multinational freight forwarders or small, independent freight forwarders for international and domestic logistics and freight services. Below are some of the many benefits that can help companies succeed in the long run when they choose to work with an independent freight forwarder.

What are the benefits of electing to work with an independent freight forwarder?

  1. Independent Freight Forwarders are Agile:
    When handling shipments, they have the ability to be more flexible when selecting the correct overseas agent. They can easily switch service providers as needed to accommodate your shipping needs. Multinationals, on the other hand, are more constrained to their global offices.
  2. Independent Freight Forwarders are Monitored and Vetted:
    Most belong to esteemed networks such as WCA which keep them accountable by setting ethical, financial and operational standards to maintain their memberships. Multinationals do not have a vetting process and are not allowed be a part of these networks.
  3. Independent Freight Forwarders Have Personalized Service and Customer Attention: Working with a small staff enables them to assign individual personnel to your company. This creates a more intimate relationship that can later lead to improved services for your business.
  4. Independent Freight Forwarders Keep Their Pricing Competitive:
    Due to lower overhead, expenses, and carrier options, independents can offer lower freight rates. Their participation in networks like the WCA allows them to work with different agents to find you the best prices.
  5. Independent Freight Forwarders Have Operational Efficiency and Flexibility:
    They possess more carrier choices than multinationals which allow them to select the best route, carrier and price combination for your company. IT solutions and operations can be adapted more easily as well, allowing them to cater directly to importers and exporters.

Independent freight forwarders focus on reducing mistakes and delays; risks that can cost your business thousands. They make sure your goods arrive to their destination quickly and efficiently in order to avoid delays and/or penalties. Independents are more likely to resolve your issues, with urgency, since they have the time to dedicate to your company and its unique needs.

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Source: WCA World Website